Mærsk Solstice

During the summer of 2023, ALIVE, in collaboration with Maersk, transformed the North Customs House into a veritable experience center and showcase for the company’s launch of their CO2-friendly container ships under the slogan “ALL THE WAY TO ZERO”.

A big task on a small area

The task was complex, and it involved, among other things, building the knowledge city intended to inform tens of thousands of curious visitors about Maersk’s work in creating the CO2-neutral container ships of the future. At the same time, 4,000 shareholders and specially invited Maersk customers were to be guided in groups aboard the ship Laura Maersk, which was anchored in the Port of Copenhagen throughout the event.

On the first day, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, was even set to christen the ship during a grand ceremony while the whole world watched through a live connection.

In addition to coordinating all the logistics related to the construction of the container city on land and the numerous ship visits onshore, the task involved providing the tens of thousands of curious guests, who visited the relatively small quay space outside Maersk’s iconic headquarters over the course of six days, with an exciting experience.

Furthermore, a significant number of invited guests from around the world had to have a separate experience of the event including networking at the Langelinie Pavilion, visits to Maersk’s museum on Esplanaden, and the opportunity to board the ship.

specially invited guests
event days
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President of the EU Commission

Experience with large tasks

It was with equal parts of awe and determination that ALIVE approached the task for Maersk in Copenhagen Harbor, but the team behind the project never doubted their ability to lift the task. After all, they had done something similar the year before:

“We are convinced that we were chosen for the task because we had previously managed the logistics when the Tour de France held their Grand Départ in Denmark in 2022. So, we had fresh in mind how to handle large crowds and various needs on a relatively small area, and that knowledge was really put to use when we planned and executed ‘ALL THE WAY TO ZERO’ in collaboration with Maersk in the summer of 2023. Fortunately, to everyone’s great satisfaction,” tells Head of ALIVE Jonas Oddermose.

  • High assurance in execution
  • Good flow in the proceedings
  • A large number of people accommodated in a short period
  • Extensive coverage in both national and international media
  • A complex story presented with impressive means

Shall we plan your next event?​

If your company is facing a product launch on a grand scale, do not hesitate to bring ALIVE on board. With the “ALL THE WAY TO ZERO” event in Copenhagen, we have demonstrated that we can cater to a variety of needs simultaneously, while maintaining a tight focus on the logistics that always lay the foundation for large and successful events.

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