About Us

We are ALIVE – a firm that specializes in events and corporate group travel, built and operated by experts and passionate professionals. Our company was established with the purpose of crafting visions, shaping dreams, fulfilling promises, and surpassing expectations.

United in Grand Experiences

Our primary service involves the planning, arranging, and executing events both within Denmark and internationally.

Whether it involves hosting a conference for thousands of attendees, organizing a corporate trip featuring a diverse itinerary, or celebrating a milestone that pays tribute to a company’s legacy and achievements, we stand ready to guide your event to a safe and successful completion.

This was exemplified when the Tour de France arrived in Denmark, a time when one of the most intricate event tasks in Danish history needed to be orchestrated and executed under the watchful eyes of the world.

Similarly, we humbly undertook the assignment of arranging an overseas corporate conference for a major consulting firm, catering to several hundred participants with high standards for professional conduct.

We envision - you experience

At ALIVE, we have a mantra that all projects should be created in close collaboration with the client. This ensures that your company’s DNA is always evident in the final product.

In this way, we manage together to set the bar exactly where everyone leaves the event or trip with fulfilled expectations and the feeling of having participated in an event that remains in memory long after the party is over and the plane has landed at Kastrup.

During this process, you will find that we challenge you. That we push your expectations. And that we shake your basic understanding of what a great experience is. Because only in this way can we live up to the core value that is the foundation of our business: We envision – you experience.

From Denmark to the World

Our experts’ primary goal is to envision what you have not. To be familiar with the perfect locations. And to craft experiences that make it all worthwhile.

These experiences are always built on a foundation of meticulous planning, coordination, efficient logistics, and reliability in delivery. Yet, they are also sprinkled with surprises and ‘wow’ moments that distinguish them from the rest, transforming them into quintessential ALIVE experiences.

Our company embodies a Scandinavian mindset, which means we place more value on the quality of the fabric rather than the stars on the shoulders. We respect authority, yet we are unafraid to challenge the status quo.

We are acutely conscious that our products are not an end in themselves. They serve as tools for businesses to bolster their brand, expand their networks, enhance employee wellbeing, and lay strong groundwork for future ventures.

We take pride in our craft, continuously striving for improvement, and are pleased to assist a broad spectrum of Danish firms in growing their businesses and achieving their objectives daily.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you into the ALIVE family and working collaboratively to custom-tailor your next project. Whether it unfolds within Denmark or anywhere across the globe.

Drømmer I om at skabe et uforglemmeligt øjeblik?

Så kontakt ALIVE og tag en snak med os om, hvordan vi indfrier lige præcis jeres ønsker og behov.

Ida Løfberg

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