Sanne Fonager

Senior Project Manager

Turning dreams into reality

Sanne Fonager’s comprehensive expertise in the event and travel sector makes her presence at ALIVE synonymous with events that transcend expectations. Her three decades of industry experience lay the groundwork for curating trips that not only fulfill but also exceed clients’ aspirations and visions. Since 2012, she has played an instrumental role in crafting unique experiences that strengthen ALIVE’s brand and prestige.

Her meticulous attention to detail ensures every journey is finely honed and adjusted to each client’s specific needs and expectations. Sanne’s deliberate selection of venues, culinary adventures, and personal elements breathes life into journeys and captures the quintessence that renders each trip unique.

Sanne maintains a relentless commitment to quality and efficiency in her daily operations, which translates into impeccably organized events that create enduring memories.

OM Sanne

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Part of ALIVE since 2012
  • Over 30 years of experience in the industry
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