Louise Aabling

Project Coordinator

Where calm and efficiency converge

Efficiency and tranquility are the guiding principles for Louise Aabling, a vital member of the project management team at ALIVE. With her calm demeanor and methodical approach, she manages the most demanding deadlines and complex project plans every day. In the world of events, Louise not only finds her strength but also her passion for guiding projects through their many phases—from the initial creative ideas to successful execution and realization.

She adeptly switches from planning to execution and has a natural talent for always finding the best path forward, even in the most challenging situations. Focused and attuned to the customer’s needs, Louise maintains control over the details and ensures that ALIVE’s events not only meet but often exceed client expectations, creating lasting value for both the customers and the brand.

With a steady eye on the future and dedication to her craft, Louise looks forward to participating in the development of innovative and engaging events at ALIVE.

OM Louise

  • Masters details and deadlines
    Adaptable in a busy work environment
    Committed and composed simultaneously
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