Birgitte Christensen

Senior Project Manager

The architect of unique corporate group travels

Since joining ALIVE in 2006, Birgitte has played an essential role in shaping the company’s corporate group travel offerings. Her methodical approach to planning and execution ensures that every trip aligns with the client’s objectives and corporate ethos, while meeting and often surpassing their expectations. This has earned Birgitte recognition and respect from both clients and colleagues alike. Her innovative proposal for an Icelandic expedition as a creative resolve to a complex request showcases her ability to conceive distinct experiences, even within tight budgetary constraints.

Through her expansive global network, Birgitte crafts exceptional and thrilling travel experiences. She remains at the vanguard of new trends and innovations within the travel sector, continuously fine-tuning these insights to cater to the specific needs of ALIVE’s clientele.

OM Birgitte

  • Engaged and devoted developer of travel experiences
  • Invaluable team member at ALIVE since 2006 with comprehensive insight
  • Specialist in bespoke solutions
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