Alberte Thomsen

Project Coordinator

Focus on quality and innovation

Alberte is a key player at ALIVE. As a Project Coordinator, she has left a significant mark on events such as Tour de France 2021, DC Days 2023 at Bramstrup Gods, and several ELLE Awards.

Alberte approaches her clients seriously and, even amidst the most complex projects, she always thinks in terms of solutions and possibilities. Her ability to combine creative impulses with a cool composure often leads to “wow” experiences for those clients fortunate enough to have Alberte involved in their event.

Alberte’s clear goal is to continue creating events that reflect the businesses she serves. She looks forward to developing future events that cross departmental and international borders.

OM Alberte

  • Project Coordinator at ALIVE
  • Responsible for the production and execution of events
  • Keen eye for creative ideas and effective communication
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