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Denmark’s first event agency with a GTO certification.

ALIVE wants to make a difference in the event industry and contribute to a more green and circular agenda. We find it essential to engage in a dialog with suppliers and customers about how we together can improve the environmental footprint before, under, and after the event.

We have received a GTO certification as a part of our sustainable effort. This is an environmental certification for tourism organizations that makes a special effort in matters of sustainability.

Read more about the GTO certification publication and our cooperation here.

Being sustainable from A-Z

As the first GTO-certificated event agency, ALIVE will have a sustainable approach from the beginning to the end. 

ALIVE cooperates with suppliers and venues who desire to make an effort and contrite to the green agenda. 


We are taking points in the following initiative to make sustainable events:

Circular plans for all the materials after events

Avoid one-time-use branding

Avoid food waste

Minimal use of plastic

Sorting of waste

The suppliers declare their environmental policy

Prefer electrical transport

partners and suppliers

Our GTO certification is only the beginning of our journey to take responsibility for the environmental imprint on the event industry. We have partnered with HORESTA/Green Key and Wonderful Copenhagen Sustainability division to develop a new industry certification. The purpose is to make it possible for event agencies to be certified on the same terms as hotels, venues, and the amusement industry. 

Our sustainability policy

ALIVE will do its best to advise customers in the most sustainable direction and commit to having as scant a strain on the environment as possible from start to finish. 

Get a better knowledge of our environmental policy here.

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