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ALIVE has over 20 years of experience with the whole life cycle of events – From the ide development to ensuring a well-developed event on the highest level every time. The team behind ALIVE has attended to the total project management of assignments with between 50 to 20.000 participants for national and international customers during the past two decades.

Our team executes events within corporate, social, and vital events, and there is never a creative limitation.

ALIVE is powered by Aller Media and can draw on the company’s many internal resources, making it possible to do significant parts of the production internally.

At ALIVE we are always working 100% transparently and without any commission agreement.

Meet our team


Jonas oddermose

Head of ALIVE

+45 60 65 80 01

Amalie nellegaard

Relationship & Project Manager

+45 61 26 58 72

Oliver Conradsen

Project Manager

+45 24 65 46 52

Alberte Thomsen


Project Coordinator

+45 41 26 76 29

Julie Christensen

Project Coordinator & Graphic Designer

+45 30 25 98 40


pernille nislev

Project Coordinator

+45 27 59 44 35

Amalie Nygaard

Amalie Nygaard

Project Coordinator

+45 21 40 39 35

Karoline Sørensen


+45 50 81 07 42

About us

When ALIVE is partnering with you, we make a virtue out of analyzing every possible aspect and contemporary thinking of the target group’s behaviour in executing the event. In this way, we can create a creative universe where your identity as a customer shine clearly through – and the participants take inspiration from there.

We do not only care about the visuals in our event execution, but we are also making sure that the production has a solid fundament – No matter how small or big your event should be. Whether it’s a Corporate, Social, or Virtual event, we can produce everything for you.

A more sustainable future

ALIVE is dedicated to finding sustainable alternatives that can minimize resource waste while producing an event. We are the first event agency in Denmark with a GTO Certification – read more about the here. You are guaranteed sustainable solutions when you conduct an event with us behind your back. 


ALIVE wants to be a part of changing and optimes the way to think, create and engage actively in the community. Together we can solve industry-, society- and environmental problems if we cooperate efficiently about a greener future.


Through Wonderful Copenhagen, ALIVE is a member of Meetingplace. Meetingplace is a destination network within Copenhagen’s congress and meeting industry with over 100 associated partners. With a big emphasis on sustainable tourism and event execution, we are collaborating with Wonderful Copenhagen. Read more about Wonderful Copenhagen here.

The trade organization GRAKOM is the link between communication companies. GRAKOM is monitoring the development of the market, technology, and sustainability, where they are aiming for new and better conditions for both employers and employees in the industry. Read more about GRAKOM here

ALIVE is a member of the GRAKOMs Creative Club, whose mission is to share inspiration and new knowledge. This gives Danish creative agencies a new and inspiring network.  Read more about Creative Club here.

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