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The big difference is to be found in the small details

ALIVE wishes to create good memories for you and your participants through a customized event focusing on your needs and target group.

ALIVE is the right collaborator for you if you are looking for an event agency who are with you from A-Z.


What do our clients say?

DMC in Copenhagen


Denmark's first event agency with a GTO certification

Together with HORESTA and Wonderful Copenhagen, we have developed a green event certification, where the purpose is to make Denmark more desirable on the international event stage and create a green direction for the event industry. 

Read more about the certification here.

ALIVE is a full-service event agency located in Copenhagen, and we produce Corporate Events, Social Events and Virtual Events. Whether you wish to host a company event, seminar, jubilee, product launch, conference, or an awards show, ALIVE’s event managers are the right fit for the job.

At ALIVE, we believe that happy and satisfied customers are the best ambassadors in the world. Our team prioritize giving our clients the best advice in order to produce magical events and create the most unforgettable memories for both your company and your guests.

With over 20 years of experience, ALIVE have organised events with the number of participants ranging from 50 to 20,000. We have worked with both national and international clients, and we always customise each event to fit the company’s specific identity and target group.

In addition to producing Corporate Events, Social Events and Virtual Events, we can also conduct your event as a hybrid. Hybrid setups allow you to engage with your guests live and virtually at the same time.

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ALIVE powered by Aller Media

ALIVE has been powered by Aller Media since 2019. Aller Media have over 80 years of experience with producing events, gathering people and creating communities. As part of Aller Media, we have internal resources such as a legal department, graphics and video production teams, access to continuously updated target group analyses as well as financial support and liquidity. With all expertise under one roof, we can conduct most of our events internally which ensures high-quality events and transparent communication. In cooperation with Aller Media, ALIVE have produced events for the danish magazines ELLE, Femina, Vi Unge, SØNDAG, Modemagasinet IN and Billed Bladet.

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