Sine Kjær Holbek

Senior Project Manager

Dedication to the customer's journey

Sine epitomizes the meticulous attention to detail that we at ALIVE take such pride in. Serving as a Senior Project Manager since 2022, she has consistently focused her work on realizing the visions and ambitions of her clients. Her methodical approach to assignments reflects her commitment to crafting business travels that add significant value to the companies that invest in them.

A genuine team player, Sine contributes to fostering a trusting and welcoming office atmosphere. Her responsibilities span the breadth of corporate travel, from organizing study trips to coordinating company visits, showcasing her talent for planning, organizing, and executing.

While Sine has journeyed across the globe, there is a special place that captivates her heart both in her personal life and professional endeavors – South Africa.

OM Sine

  • High focus on details
  • 35 years of experience in the travel industry
  • Enthusiast of South Africa
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