Pernille Nislev

Project Coordinator

Specialist in the finest details

With a keen sense for logistics and an eye for detail, Pernille Helbo Nislev makes a significant contribution to the high quality that ALIVE is known for. Since joining in 2021, her methodical approach and precisely executed work have ensured the quality and punctuality of many tasks.

Pernille’s responsibilities include the ongoing development and maintenance of the registration system for efficient communication with all event participants. Her ability to manage complex logistical tasks has ensured that transportation and accommodations for our events run smoothly and according to plan.

In her work, she combines the precision of a planner with the agility of a project coordinator, which is crucial for realizing well-organized events.

OM Pernille

  • Specialized in participant registration and event logistics
  • With ALIVE since 2021, with an eye for detail
  • Responsible for transportation and accommodations
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