Ida Løfberg


Creator of memorable events and journeys

Steering the course between clients’ wishes and their creative realization serves as her daily guide at ALIVE. As the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Ida is at the forefront of turning visionary concepts into live experiences that resonate and add value. Her commitment is rooted in a thorough understanding of clients’ needs, ALIVE’s distinctive purpose, and the company’s strength in providing top-tier service in the travel and event sector.

Maintaining a comprehensive network of global partners is an integral part of Ida’s work. She continually ensures that the company preserves the relationships that enable the delivery of unmatched experiences. Ida’s drive is to ensure that each event embodies ALIVE’s hallmark of quality and a love for detail—whether a bustling three-day affair in Italy’s scenic landscapes or a grand spectacle that captures global attention.

With a future that promises perpetual change, Ida is excited to guide clients through these shifts, embrace new ventures, and collaboratively craft the forthcoming narratives of their journeys.

OM Ida

  • Head of commercial strategy and customer experience
  • A member of the ALIVE family since 2018
  • Expert in curating meaningful experiences
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