Amalie Nygaard

Project Coordinator

Sharp communication and precise outcomes

At the heart of ALIVE’s event planning is a team of capable coordinators tasked with transforming numerous visions and creative ideas into tangible events that excite and create lasting memories. Amalie Nygaard is one such coordinator, whose attention to detail and ability to remain composed under pressure make her an integral part of the team.

Amalie joined ALIVE in 2022 and has since proven her worth as a Project Coordinator, skillfully navigating through complex tasks and tight deadlines. She has an intuitive understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction in an event agency and takes pride in communicating clearly and straightforwardly with both customers and colleagues.

Amalie always looks forward to the new and exciting projects on the horizon and has a clear and pronounced ambition to deliver a polished and well-crafted product to the customer every time.

OM Amalie

  • Sharp in planning and execution
  • Maintains oversight in high-pressure situations
  • Communicates effectively both internally and externally
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