The cozy corners and networking zones are just as important as the main stage when creating a successful conference and an event with a high professional standard. The above is not a quote or a written doctrine. But it is a truth that we at ALIVE have noted over the years and always rely on when we need to tell a potential client about our approach and planning of a given event.

Cozy corners make successful conferences

The cozy corners symbolize much more than just a physical space and some soft sofas. They represent not just a place to stay and grab some food and drink between the many presentations and debates. They’re a reflection of the atmosphere, a measure of the conference’s success, and where, as an organizer, you can truly decode whether all participants are benefiting from the expansive program. Also, a good place for networking.

Below, you can read more about how we approach conference planning to ensure everyone has the absolute best experience, and the organizer achieves their goals. Why you can confidently entrust us with shaping and executing your conference. And what we focus on when a conference simply must be right the first time.

Your conference Is in safe hands, both locally and abroad

At ALIVE, we have a long-standing tradition of taking care of the entire process of planning conferences. Whether they are to be held in Denmark or the rest of the world. We have brought together large companies with offices in many countries for conferences in European cities.

We have sent locally rooted workplaces abroad to give their ideas and conversations fresh air under their wings. And we have arranged countless conferences for both large and small companies within Denmark’s borders.

Our skills

We organize your next conference in Denmark or abroad

We collaborate with conference centers all around the globe

We focus on networking zones as well as main stages at conferences

We handle booking of flights, hotels, transport, and entertainment

We have extensive experience in executing conferences

After delivering the translated text, it has been reviewed to ensure that it is correct and professional in English.

We deliver the complete logistical package

Whether you wish to hold a conference abroad or here in Denmark, we take care of the entire logistical package so you can focus on achieving your professional goals. We take care of finding the perfect location, arranging transport, booking the best catering, and overall, handling thorough planning – and the subsequent execution – of your major event.

We also always draw on our extensive network of external partners, so we can create events with lots of activities along the way, numerous different transportation options, AV equipment rentals, entertainment, and whatever else forms the framework for a successful conference, a safe stay for the participants, and a rewarding event.

Plan your next event with us

Choosing ALIVE as your partner for your next conference, you give us a task we have solved many times before. A task where we know the playbook and always have control over the final checklist.

We always tailor an event with a view to precisely meeting your wishes, your agenda, and your needs. We have no standard solutions, and we start the process with a meeting where we get to know each other and jointly commit to the overall goals and framework for the conference.

Many questions need to be clarified

There are many questions to be answered, many viewpoints and interests to be considered, a list of hotels and venues to be reviewed, and other requirements to be included in the mix before we can begin to outline your conference. Will the conference span several days? How many people will attend? Do all participants need accommodation? What are your requirements for location? What facilities must be present at the conference centers we shortlist? Do you have special requirements for food and beverages? Do you have other wishes for the location or the course of the event in general? Should the conference facilitate an official meeting with special requirements for security, logistics, and catering?

Our experts handle the planning

Once our experts have an overview of your expectations, dreams, and requirements for the upcoming event, they will make an overall proposal for what your conference could look like.

In this way, we ensure that the arrangement aligns with the budget, and that the location and content meet your expectations. But beyond that, our experts also bring a lot of creative ideas into play. They take pride in shaping the visual identity so that physically present guests, and those who may participate in the virtual conference, can more easily understand the messages. And they draw on their extensive event toolbox to find just the right happenings, meeting rooms, conference centers, and surprising experiences that make the evening and the overall stay unforgettable.

  • Planlægning af fulde program
  • Allokering og styring af ressourcer
  • Styring af budget og samlet økonomi
  • Projektledelse og løbende rapportering
  • Eventafvikling
  • Rejselederafvikling
  • Håndtering af GDPR regler
  • Koordinering af fly
  • Koordinering af bustransport i DK og udlandet
  • Koordinering af shuttlebusser til og fra event/hotel/lufthavn
  • Koordinering af limousiner
  • Koordinering af indtjekning af bagage på hotel
  • Hotelbooking til gæster og personale
  • Booking af overnatning i andre former for outdoor, telte og lign.
  • Koordinering af kurve, snack pakker, drikkevarer m.m.
  • Booking af artister
  • Booking og briefing af konferencier
  • Koordinering af scene, teknik, lys og lyd
  • Branding af venue
  • Opbygning af greenrooms
  • Transmittering på storskærm mellem flere lande
  • Planlægning og booking af oplevelser
  • Booking og briefing af guide og chauffør
  • Sikre afvikling hvor der er taget hensyn til individuelle forhold fx fødevareallergi
  • Sikre relevant information til deltagerne inden oplevelsen fx beklædning
  • Konceptudvikling
  • Udsmykning af salen, scenen og indgangsparti
  • Borddækning med service, lys og blomsterdekorationer
  • Bestilling af borde, stole, service
  • Branding af hele venue
  • Opbygning af velkomstområde
  • Opbygning af food område og tema restauranter
  • Opbygning af bar, temabar og natklub
  • Opbygning af rygeområde med hyggebelysning og varme
  • Opbygning af omklædningsområde
  • Opbygning af loungeområde
  • Opbygning af kaffelounge med baristaer
  • Toiletter med dufte, blomster og hygiejne genstande
  • Bestilling og opbygning af pressevæg
  • Design, grafik og tryksager til det valgte tema
  • Indkøb og pakning af snack og goodiebags
  • Udarbejdelse af floor- og bordplan
  • Udvikling af skræddersyet app
  • Alt information samlet i en app
  • Personlig billet i appen
  • Opsætning af push-beskeder
  • Koordinering af konkurrencer
  • Skræddersyet hjemmeside til tilmelding
  • Alt information samlet ét sted
  • Indscanningssystem til festen
  • Grafer og evaluering af no-shows
  • Telefonisk hotline til alle gæster med spørgsmål
  • Booking af vagter og samaritter
  • Booking af og briefing af artister og foto-/videografer
  • Booking og koordinering af servicepersonale
  • Oplæring af personale i tiltaleformer og sikkerhed
  • Udarbejdelse og godkendelse af brandtegninger
  • Udarbejdelse af evakueringsplaner
  • Udarbejdelse af skræddersyet menu
  • Koordinering med kokken og lokationen
  • Koordinering af allergier til alle gæster
  • Koordinering af diverse foodtrucks
  • Indkøb og opfyldning af drikkevarer

Sikre dialogen om hvordan vi sammen kan forbedre det miljømæssige fodaftryk før, under og efter et event

  • Sikre en stærk og meget synlig brand eksekvering
  • Kreative ideer og indspil til iscenesættelsen
  • Fokus på at skabe engagerende content der kan blive delt på SoMe
  • Tilrettelæggelse af pressedækning før, under og efter
  • Intern kommunikationsplan
  • Sikre professionelt udstyr til afvikling
  • Test inden event
  • Briefing og tilrettelæggelse af content produktion
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The right facilities are essential

Whether you want to hold your conference nearby somewhere in Denmark or abroad – and regardless of the background of your conference – you need to choose the right place to hold it.

It’s important that everything functions perfectly, that planned activities are carried out on time, and that you have time for networking between the many meetings. In short, that you get value for money when your employees gather for the major event that a conference undoubtedly is.

When we at ALIVE plan a conference, we take all these things into account. We do this because it is our job. Because we respect the participants. And because our company is built on a doctrine that we’re never better than our last event. And that we should be able to greet our customers as friends when we meet them on the street.

A Successful Event and a Special Experience

We look forward to telling you more about how we plan an event that can enrich your employees, embrace your message, and strengthen your position in the market. And how we can jointly arrange a conference that can result in an exciting experience for all participants.

We are happy to take the first steps and visit you for a talk and a proposal, but you are of course also very welcome in our bright offices at Østerbro. There’s good coffee. Many soft sofas. And, of course, cozy corners.

After delivering the translated text, it has been reviewed to ensure that it stands correct and professional in English.

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